Eye of the Storm - StormHold
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Edition 692 of 700
10% royalties


The Eye of the Storm is a dynamic metaverse environment designed by UnknownElementX. The Eye comes complete with an animated sky; ambient audio; lightning strikes and thunder; walls and displays to showcase art and collectibles; and a vault to hold your most precious items. The StormHold NFT enables its holder to create their own space using the Eye of the Storm environment.

This NFT grants you access to:

-A fully rendered and immersive Spatial-ready environment and skybox delivered as GLBs and accessory files via Darkblock, ready to display your art, collectibles, events, and creativity. The environment features:

  • Dynamic environment animations, including a moving sky, lightning strikes, vault unlocks, and moving sculptures, to entertain and breathe life into the space
  • Synchronized ambient audio to enhance your environment experience
  • A separate vault area where you can showcase your most prized possessions
  • Over 18,000 sq ft of wall space to display artwork, video, and content
  • At least 55 wall display locations and an additional 3 pedestals and 6 display cases for extra art, objects, documents, and more

-Bi-Annual new object airdrops from UnknownElementX for 1 year from the mint date

To securely access and download the attached files, refresh this page after purchasing your NFT and authorize the Darkblock panel with your MetaMask or WalletConnect. 

Need help? Here’s a walkthrough

**BONUS : 5 randomly selected holders of a StormHold will win the Unity version of Eye of the Storm applied to their Spatial environment. This brings enhanced lighting, effects, and proximity triggers to an already amazing environment.